You will love it

Fits everyone

Astraliker brings attention to your profile by liking posts.


It takes less than 30 seconds to setup and run in background.


Astraliker do not need your Instagram username and password.

Time saver

By delegate liking your can save a huge amount of time.

Setup Astraliker

1. Download Astraliker Chrome Extension.

2. Click on the Astraliker icon at the to right of your browser to open app's window.

3. Go to "Tasks" menu.

4. Setup your first task by clicking "Add" at the top right of the window.

5. That's is. Sit back and relax while your account grow.

Frequently asked questions

Can it auto-follow ?

No, auto-follow is spammy.
This practice can be detected by Instagram and your account can get banned.

Can it auto-comment?

No, auto-comment is spammy and most of the time it annoys people.

What if my computer is shut down ?

Astraliker works when Google Chrome is open, when your computer is shut down, Astraliker will stop.

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